April 3, 2024 tsddev

Can a website GROW your business?

What does a “good” website need to include?

can a website grow

The answer is YES! With bigger budgets being spent on marketing this year, and lots of businesses hoping to inspire fresh growth, now is the BEST time to review your marketing machine and make some adjustments to your website.

So, can having a website spark growth?

Ok – we should probably start with; Why do I even need a website?

Here’s the answer. It’s pretty simple.

  1. It makes it easier for people to find you
  2. It makes it easier for people to hire you
  3. It makes it easier for people to buy from you

Whoa! Did you see what just happened?!

We’ve told you how a business grows!

No silver bells or cockle shells. Just a website.

Being “online” makes it much easier to attract a wider audience than simply relying on content marketing through platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

But it shouldn’t be just any old website.

What does a “good” website need to include?

Here’s our basic website blueprint. Of course each client and sector is different, so you might decide you need more pages. But we did say it was the basics…

  1. About you – Who are you as a brand? What’s your story?
  2. Services – What do you do? Who do you help? BONUS : what does it cost?
  3. Case Studies/Testimonials – Why should someone choose your business? What experience have previous customers had?
  4. Contact us – How can they book in a call/schedule an appointment?
  5. Blogs – Do you have a working understanding of what’s going on in your sector? How are you demonstrating your expertise?

That’s all?

Well, as we said before, there are lots of other things you can add to your website to make it more effective. You might decide to add lead magnets such as downloadable guides and whitepapers. You could consider adding an online quotation tool to help price up a potential project and increase your pipeline. You may even promote subscriptions to your mailing list or newsletter.

Here are some really important things to remember

Your website needs to be easy to use AS WELL AS attractive. Sure, add colours or animation to every page, but think more about how easy it is for your visitors to navigate the website itself.

Can they find all the information they’re looking for?
Are they taken on a logical journey from learning to purchasing?
Do you make it easy to take action at every stage and every page?

Then you need to consider whether your content is persuasive, engaging and intentional.

Again, having all the right pages and all the right prompts is brilliant, but if your content is flat, boring or, dare we say, robotic, your audience won’t buy.

So that’s why we recommend working with a professional who asks all the right questions, has all the right skills and has all the necessary experience. Make sure you have conversations with more than one and DON’T FOR THE LOVE OF GOD just choose the cheapest. Or worse, ask a mate to help you out. You won’t be honest, objective or satisfied.

We’re literally begging you not to.

If you’d like to work with an experienced creative agency, get in touch.

(If a goal for 2024 includes simply refreshing your website, you can find our short blog post on the subject here)