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Stop putting it off!

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Why an “it’ll do” attitude is costing you business

There are 1.14 billion websites in the world (at the time of writing). Of this number, only 17% are considered active sites*.

Just think about what we didn’t just tell you.

If only 17% are considered active sites, that means that around 83% are considered inactive.

Whoa. Just let that sink in for a quick sec.

These are sites that have seen investment of sorts, whether that’s purchasing the domain or taking the time to create a page that NO ONE cares about.

Sorry it’s harsh…but it’s also true.

Inactive sites have nothing to maintain and nothing is ever added or updated. They sort of sit there, growing mildew and watching the more popular kids have all the fun.

But ours looks FINE.

Yeah, ok Ross. Maybe you want to tell us that your web designer was also “on a break”!

As it turns out, 90.63% of all pages get ZERO traffic from Google, according to a recent survey*.

So it doesn’t matter how pretty those graphics were in 1987, or how exciting those cool page animations were in the mid 90s or even late noughties, website design has MOVED ON.

There’s also something here that’s really worth remembering – a website that wasn’t updated recently is unlikely to be safe, relevant or even GDPR compliant.

So, when was your masterpiece created?

When did you last think about a redesign?

For many companies, those nightmare conversations about contrasting colour palettes, compelling content and adding plugins feel like yesterday.

But sit down with someone from marketing.

Ask them just how many leads were generated from your website last week. Review the data from last year.

Your website is your main marketing tool. It’s also the quickest way to build trust with your ideal client, the best way to visually demonstrate your skills and experience and saves you or your team from answering those questions that everyone wants the answers to.

What do you charge? Where are you based? Have you got any testimonials? How can I get a basic quote? Are you B2C or B2B?

Need we go on?

We think we’ve made it pretty clear that it’s worth bringing up the conversation of a website redesign at your next management meeting (yes, your purse strings partner counts too)

Can you afford to miss out on business if you don’t?

To discuss your website and whether a website redesign could benefit your business, give us a call on 0203 291 1021, or get in touch via our contact page.

We’ve got what you want, so if you’re ready to find out more, Let’s chat.






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