We don't follow trends, we create them.

(See, bet you were expecting another white page!)

The most iconic stories in history begin with some of the most memorable first lines.
We felt pretty good about telling ours, so we thought it best to share it with you.

In a galaxy far far away… Oh, sorry, wrong story.

Ok, here we go… Somewhere on the A1 south of Newcastle, two children in the back of a moving vehicle changed the very future of their Dad’s career. You see, our Ryan is not just an extraordinary Digi-nerd. He is a Dad, husband, Chef, problem solver and master builder.

Having had a long career in IT, it was time to do something new. So he chose Digital Marketing.

Worth a try, seeing as he clearly wasn’t going to become a copper, and neither David or Theresa were going to let him run for the top job back in 2016.

Saying that we can definitely see Brexit and COVID being handled differently…complimentary Lego anyone? Pretty sure the pubs would have been open too…

Anyway! Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, it was a great fit, and because Ryan likes to chat and build relationships with our clients, it made sense to collect together some very talented freelancers to build the Thirty Six Digital brand into an agency that puts our utterly amazing clients first.

Alright, look, we told Ryan it sounded a bit cheesy but to be honest, it’s actually true. We want to help businesses of all sizes and sectors by collaboratively creating something completely unthinkable for them. We understand that commissioning a website represents significant investment for your business, that’s why we build them to be a hard working lead magnet and a real brand beacon.

The best design is the one that everyone knows how to use.

We work remotely, we work flexible hours and we work ruddy hard for our clients, because it’s in our DNA (and Ryan told us to).

So if you’re keen on getting results and you want a team as dedicated to your brand as you are, it’s time to stop reading our story and start writing yourself into our next chapter.


Love drinking coffee


No B.S