February 4, 2023 tsddev

It’s time to get sociable!

Why marketing will be the main focus for businesses in 2023

time to get sociable

We’ve all heard the let’s get sociable whispers and no, we didn’t start it. Promise.

One subject that pops up in January every year is that of MARKETING.

Each year, businesses of every size pledge to finally turn their attention towards improving their online presence. This year is definitely no different. We’re fairly certain that digital marketing is most likely to take centre stage in the post COVID recovery plans for businesses in 2023.

This is the first opportunity since the pandemic for businesses to refresh and refocus on growing their brand, rather than just navigating through hard times and trying to stay afloat.

It might surprise you to learn that it’s actually recommended that a B2B organisation should look to spend between 2-5% of their annual revenue on a marketing budget. In contract, those in the B2C market should look to invest more, on average between 5-10%*.

So how can you effectively market your business?

Before you do or invest in ANYTHING, it’s worthwhile looking at having a social media strategy first.

Who are you talking to?
Where should you advertise or market your business?
How does your product or service provide a solution to their specific problem/challenge?
What research do you need to do to provide a solid foundation for your offering?
What action do you want your audience to take?
Why would they choose you?

Then, before you redesign your website, turn on a shower of PPC (Pay Per Click) or create accounts on all the major social media platforms, you need to consider whether you have the resources in place to handle an increased number of enquiries, once your marketing campaign is underway. No amount of soft jazz will repair your reputation if you can’t keep up with their calls!

You might be thinking – “I won’t need extra heads in the business, my marketing isn’t going to generate that much interest”. Gotcha! Go and start the process again until you get it right. Do not pass go, do not collect £200.

Sorry friend, rules are rules. Does this one sound familiar?

You will eat all of your broccoli or you won’t grow big and strong.

Sure, those chilling dinnertime threats may not carry much weight now that you’re all grown up, but the principle is very much the same. For your business to grow, you’re going to have to try new things that you might not like very much, but they are good for you. And quite crucially, they’re also good for your business.

That’s right, it’s time to consider getting sociable on TikTok.

Yes, audience perception is very important here, so although you might start off by taking inspiration from others (let the reader use discernment and good judgement), the potential to create an entirely new form of content for your sector is an exciting possibility.

Creating video content that can be repurposed for other platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn can be equally valuable using the tools on TikTok.. And if you don’t have the skills yet, it’s time to find those who can give you the inside track.

We’re afraid you might have to start being sociable, and start talking to people again.

Marketing online or in print is only half of it. You’ll also need to start being sociable and start networking.

Uh oh.
Don’t worry, things have moved on past those breakfast BNI groups.
It’s nothing personal guys.

It’s key to remind yourself that social networking is, well, sociable.

Having a message and a plan is one thing, but getting people to read it, build trust in you and follow up is an entirely different kettle of fish altogether.

An odd expression, we’ll give you that.

It’s time to start considering a strategy for social media. But don’t worry, that’s a subject for another piece.

You can go and lie down now.

We’ve got what you want, so if you’re ready to find out more, Let’s chat.






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