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CarFinanced Ltd




Car Financed looks for the best finance deals based on a client’s specific requirements. They help to arrange affordable finance before a vehicle is chosen, so that clients can shop with complete peace of mind, knowing that the money is guaranteed.

How did Thirty Six Digital design and build a newer, faster site for CarFinanced?

The previous site lacked the wealth of information and suitable tools needed to help prospective clients reach a decision about their car finance. Thanks to our website wizardry, you can get a quote from Car Financed in 60 seconds! By creating a fresh appearance and clearer content, the site now builds a relationship of trust and is a great resource for anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle.

What was the project's scope?

Thirty Six Digital worked closely with the client to design a completely new WordPress website. In addition to making each page more visually engaging, Thirty Six Digital provided replacement copy as well as writing supplementary content to improve both user experience, and the quality and clarity of the information made available to each visitor.

Written into the content and added to each page layout were a number of clear and convenient call-to-action buttons. The aim was to improve visitor dwell time and increase the number and consistency of leads and enquiries generated by the site each day. Car Financed now have a WordPress website designed to form part of their marketing strategy as well as developing new business opportunities.

Hoping to drive more traffic to your site?

Why not take a look at what’s helping them cruise into a more effective marketing plan for 2023.

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