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Is AI a marketing friend or deadly foe?

AI Marketing

Why marketing will be the main focus for businesses in 2023

To be perfectly honest, we don’t know.

No Chris, that isn’t our final answer – but someone used the “phone a friend” already.

So it leaves us with a 50/50 and 4 questions remaining.

1. What is AI marketing?

In short, it’s the use of artificial intelligence to automate a response based on existing information and/or trends. In other words, getting a piece of software to quickly find the words that would take you days to put together. Whilst the conversations about tools like ChatGPT are all fairly recent, AI has actually been used in marketing and advertising for many years. In fact, a quick Google search revealed that Amazon started to use “collaborative filtering” back in 1998. Wow.

2. How is AI currently being used?

Well, now we know that it’s been around for the past 25 years, it’s easy to imagine how deeply embedded AI has become in our day to day lives. So, how are we using this tool in marketing already?

There are 6 main ways that AI is being used in marketing.

  • Data Analysis
  • Natural language processing
  • Media buying
  • Automated decision making
  • Content generation
  • Real-time personalisation

To give you a little more context, a recent survey conducted by business marketing bestie HubSpot, suggested that 48% of marketers reported using generative AI to conduct research. 22% said that they used AI to generate ideas, and 45% said they used generative AI to create their content*.

3. Should you consider using AI in your marketing?


Oh, you wanted more than that?

Ok, fine! (queue hair toss and teenager eye roll)

As we’ve already discussed, a huge cross section of businesses are now using AI to keep them moving, creating and increasing their efficiency.

It’s time to consider if it can have the same results for you.

What’s also worth remembering is that it has the ability to learn, identify trends and analyse data. This means that the right software will allow you to predict what’s coming, have the agility to pivot your messaging when needed, and all within a short period of time.

What we’re saying is > stop refusing to get wet. This is the year to dip your toes in and consider making AI part of your everyday marketing processes (if it isn’t already).

4. Is there ANYTHING to worry about?

We’ve seen huge progress in making AI more accessible, regardless of sector, size or budget of a business or organisation. BUT, and this is a huge BUT.

In March 2023, 1,000 tech leaders, researchers and general AI partygoers warned that A.I technologies pose “profound risks to society and humanity”. Zoinks!

What did they see in their big billion dollar crystal ball?

Perhaps the biggest immediate risk to your business is that AI tools can generate untruthful, biased and potentially toxic content, without proper monitoring. If you aren’t reviewing the “product” with a fine tooth comb and common sense, you could be creating a content monster!

Other concerns include job losses, the killing of creativity and the long term risk of lost control.

Overall though, it’s clear to see why many professionals are embracing these tools with eagerness. Now you’ve got to decide, are you AI or A-nay?

If you would like to entrust your marketing to a collection of skilled professionals who are using AI appropriately, responsibly and creatively, why not book in a conversation?

This content was NOT created using AI, however we did take some inspiration from fellow contributors :,efforts%20where%20speed%20is%20essential.

*source of statistics :