Unlock Your Business’s Potential With a Modern Digital Marketing Strategy
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How to Unlock Your Business’s Potential With a Modern Digital Marketing Strategy?

There’s no doubt that every business requires a modern digital marketing strategy to engage with their customers and boost sales as a result. Sadly, there are still a huge number of businesses that think they can get away with underfunding their digital strategy and get by in today’s world.

Investing in a cheaply built website, opting for inadequate search engine optimisation (SEO), disregarding the power of well-written web content, utilising an antiquated e-commerce platform, drawing up few or no email mail campaigns, and failing to invest in a social media presence is the fastest route to failure.

You simply can’t underestimate how important the future of digital marketing is for business. So, why not make an informed investment that delivers ROI and generates more custom for your company as a result?

At Thirty Six Digital, our team understands that every business is different and how to leverage the best digital marketing strategy to match. If you’ve been struggling to get your head around what is digital marketing, we’re here to help. To speak to our team about the most optimal route to online success, please contact a member of our team.


Overcoming the digital marketing strategy challenges can bring great rewards


For many inexperienced digital marketers, stepping into the world of digital strategy can seem daunting and feel like a momentous task that’s going to cause more problems than it’s worth. In a way, you wouldn’t be wrong if planning to go it alone without a team of seasoned experts to help guide you towards success. But, with that being said, overcoming the challenges you initially come up against is going to pay dividends long into the future.

The hardest part of any digital strategy is knowing how to draw up a robust plan that leverages a business’s existing strengths and builds on its weaknesses with a long-term goal in mind. There are a lot of different methods to explore and utilise, but it’s important to note that the landscape of digital marketing can change on a regular and spontaneous basis.

So, with all this in mind, what’s the best way to overcome the challenges? Digital marketing is easy enough to understand as a concept, but there are a lot of nuances to take in mind that are harder to grasp without more professional experience. While we applaud business owners who wish to go it alone, we strongly believe that it would be well worth your time to find out what a professional digital marketing agency can bring to the table.


How can digital marketing help your business grow?


Unlike traditional advertising, digital marketing allows small and medium-size businesses to achieve results that were previously only possible as a much larger business. For example, organic SEO can help smaller businesses rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP) and state-of-the-art technology can streamline e-commerce operations in a way that would have only been previously possible with a large number of employees.

In addition to this, digital marketing is extremely cost-effective and typically delivers ROI that well exceeds the most generous expectations. The biggest change to the landscape in recent years has been the boom of mobile device optimisation. Businesses that took steps to optimise their websites for mobile and tablet devices came up roses while others had to weather the storm of an otherwise avoidably high bounce rate when customers reached their website.

Now, digital marketers are beginning to explore what’s possible with the ‘internet of things’ (IoT), with Amazon Alexa and Google Home being two prime examples. This perfectly highlights how the future of digital marketing can shift at any time and why businesses need to be able to respond quickly before their competition does.


Invest in your digital marketing strategy or expect low-budget results


Like anything in life, if you go for a budget option you should expect a budget product, service, or result. With digital marketing, this couldn’t be truer and many businesses still seemed determined to disregard the evidence for how effective digital marketing is and go for the most rudimentary strategy possible.

Staying competitive online does come at a price, but what many people fail to take into account is how cost-effective it is to make an investment that gets them ahead of competitors today and the future of digital marketing as a whole.



Still trying to wrap your head around what is digital marketing or how best to draft a strategy for your business? At Thirty Six Digital, we’re here to methodically take you through every stage of the process and position your business for optimal online growth. To learn how you can get your business ready for the future of digital marketing today, get in touch with a member of our team now.

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